Superfood interview


Superfood (the band, not clean eating) release new song Double Dutch this week, meaning I get to reminisce to a couple year’s ago when I met them before one of their London shows. I caught a quick glimpse of their rehearsal before heading backstage where Emily was trying on a matching blue tracksuit, à la Lady Sovereign, and Dom was just wishing he was David Albarn. They poured me a g&t and we chatted about debut album ‘Don’t Say That’ and the time Ryan was found on Brighton beach the morning after a heavy night.

“Why Superfood? Do you like blueberries?

Dom: I do ironically love fruit and cooking, which I feel like a bit of a sap every time I go to the shop and buy a load of blueberries because I’m in a band called Superfood. I keep under wraps. I keep in under wraps that I like fruit; I tell people I like junk food.

The reason we’re called Superfood is because it was the first song that we wrote together, me and Ryan. We were called loads of shit names. We were called Baby100 for a bit and Junnk with two Ns.

Emily: I quite liked Baby100.

Who and what was your favourite tour and have you got any anecdotes you can share with us? 

Dom: Okay I’ve got a funny one. We were in Brighton. This is the one that can pop into mind that’s funny… We were supposed to be leaving at 11 and Ryan had wandered off into the night the night before, yet to be seen. We were all waiting around for him until two o’clock in the afternoon fearing the worst. Tried to call him, his phone was off.

So we walk out the hotel and over to the beach. I look out from the pier, I had a little feeling inside, I look to the right there’s just loads of ice-creams, I look to my left and I just see Ryan curled up in a ball with his shoes off and a bottle of gin next to him. I wandered up to him really scared that he’d gone. I could just hear him snoring really quietly. I touched him and it was like you could hear his eyes open – insert squelch sound. Then he closed his eyes again.

Ryan: What had happened with that is, I went out and I was going to go back to the hotel, but because they were supposed to be getting up at about 11 or something and it was 10, I thought I wont go in and wake them up actually, I’ll just hang around for an hour.

I thought I’d go for a little swim… I went for a little swim and then I didn’t make it back. I scrambled out of the sea and just passed out. My intentions were well because I thought I didn’t want to wake them.”

Sounds about right when a night in Brighton is concerned.

See the full interview here. Picture by Elliott Morgan.


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