“New Year, new me”


You know that ‘I’m still pretty fucked’ stage of waking up on New Year’s day, when you feel like you could take on the world and you’d win. When you think you’ve got off scot-free from all those jelly shots you did last night. When you’re slightly delirious whilst simultaneously finding yourself hilarious. When you resemble this vid of Greg James:


I’m not going to lie, I probably watched this video approx. 89 times whilst laughing with the exact same breathlessness hysteria. And I think it’s because I completely relate to the ridiculousness of ‘new year new me‘. To say I loathe the phrase would be pretty accurate.

My main issues can be reduced down to three points;

  1. Why January 1st? What changes in a new year that means you can change everything about yourself, reinvent everything you stand for and become a completely new person. I know that’s not what all resolutions are for, but it’s deffo the gist.

2. People kidding themselves. No love, you’re not going to ‘stop eating shit’, you’re going to order your New Year’s day Dominos and you’re going to enjoy it. If you’re going to make resolutions, at least make them achievable.

3. Don’t make something a resolution if you don’t actually care about said ‘something’. Like, don’t take up yoga if you don’t actually like yoga. Don’t do Veganurary if you’re just doing it so you can insta about it, and so on and so forth.

2017 isn’t going to magically transform you into a modern day Mother Theresa and that new juice cleanse your trying in an attempt to rid your entire body of toxins won’t suddenly give you a clean slate. If you were a tequila guzzlin’ gal 5 days ago, chances are, you still are.

I don’t mean to generalise or be a negative nelly, but why give yourself ‘the guilt’ when your new years resolutions are left unfulfilled and thrown away after only a few weeks. I’m just being logical really……

Happy 2017 xx


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