Thailand in retrospect

30/04/2015 It all started with our Asian Vegetarian meal on Oman Air and ended on one of Bangkok’s busiest streets.

We were dropped at the top of Khao San Road and not actually where our hostel was, which actually became a recurring theme during our time in Thailand. There was a lingering odor hanging round Bangkok, I’m not too sure if it was street food going off, poor sewage systems or our ever increasing case of BO after travelling for 24 hours. I’m going to go with a mixture of all three.


After a light speed change of clothes after a not so light speed locating of our hostel, we were back under the bright lights of Khoa San Road. It was 10pm and there was no sign of it quieting down any time soon. It was all we were promised and more. There were women selling deep fried scorpions and cockroaches, some little Thai blokes trying to entice us into a ping pong show and backpackers dancing in the streets to 90s r’n’b at a bar actually named ‘we don’t check IDs’ – this was my kinda party.

We found a cute rooftop bar to take in the sights of our first night and had some cocktails. With ice. So much for trying to avoid local water.

01/05/2015 This evening we would be travelling to Koh Phangan to go to the full moon party, something I’ve wanted to cross of my bucket list for years and years. But first, we wandered round the beautiful and bustling Bangkok. Our only aim of the day was to get lost and there was a slight serenity to that task. That was until we were in the middle of China Town in dire need of a compass or a miracle. It was time for our first tuk tuk experience to get us out of this mess.


We were whizzing round the streets with just a metal bar stopping us from falling out of what can only be describe as a three wheeled motorbike with a cage attached. It gives you the same exhilarating feeling as going on a really old roller-coaster, when your not sure whether you’ll fall out and die or it’ll be the best ride of your life…

Travelling to Koh Phangan eased us into the terrible transport of Thailand. I’m pretty sure the whole country gets by because of a group of mates, one’s got a cab, one a coach and the other a ferry. And one that makes stickers.

02/05/2015 We watched the sunrise in a ‘waiting room’ shack in Surat Thani waiting for the first ferry of the day. They only put these long waits in the trips so they have time to offer you even more trips.

With our next hostel being called ‘No Name’, there’s always the chance that no name = no hostel. But what we arrived to was a beach front hut where I could see the sea from my bed. Not your might-get-bed-bugs-what’s-that-stain hostel you’d imagine.


The sun was setting and the full moon party was rising. As a hater of everything neon, I was dreading the fluorescentness of everything. She says as she gets a million neon flowers painted onto her arm… After one cocktail made in Thai measures (no fucking measures that is) we headed for the sand and some Chang beer. We saw a Peter Andre lookalike, watched people jump through a fire rope and found a water slide between two clubs. The latter seemed like the best idea to have a go on. Annah went first, and landed to a chorus of “oohs” as her arse thumped the ground. We spent the rest of the night damp and, in Annah’s case, sore. Another Chang? Well, why the Chang not. This was the straw that broke the camels back, and before we ended up on Mushroom Mountain, we grabbed a tuk tuk home in which 3/4 of us managed to pass out on. Which in all honesty is pretty impressive considering it was flying through the hills at about 50mph to which our unconscious heads stayed limp as flump marshmallow. 11204930_10153194576541210_556499310811812851_n

03/05/2015 I discovered that my theory of not getting hangovers on holiday was utter bullshit. As Annah and Grace went to explore Koh Phangan, Kath and I laid on the beach for approx. 17 minutes before my hungover heart palpations were too much and I had to go have a lie down under the air con.

That night we had the best meal we were going to eat in Thailand, Kath basically cried over how good the green curry was. It was the most adorable family run restaurant where the kids bring your drinks whilst the mumma cooks and the papa was cutting down the coconuts for Kath’s curry.

There were originally two in the bed and the two little ones said ‘we can’t sleep in our own bed because mosquitos have made it their own’. The four of us watched as the hours ticked closer to our 6am transfer to Phuket whilst becoming slightly delirious talking about lil chen…11178073_10153194547011210_556022178002762073_n11082533_10153194546951210_5222791150855172969_n11036730_10153194548076210_8705210694168840334_n11209615_10153016008054818_5963534001725918365_n10690114_10153016008264818_7096602580884350525_n