Why you shouldn’t experiment with your hair at 23

It’s a typical Monday morning, the routine of waking up, wee, coco pops, and at least four episodes of Friends has begun. Everything is fine, peachy and dandy until I get out my sandwich bags to use as gloves while I apply some bright pink hair dye to my blonde bits. 

I feel like these following events constituted to some sort of Black Monday, no one saw it coming.

I’d say I’m a semi-experienced user of Bleach London products, I’ve experimented with ‘Purple Skies’ and I’ve added a ‘Rose’ tint to my hair before. But with that not being quite enough I took the plunge and bought ‘The Big Pink’. I dunno why I expected a liquidy goo that was a deep magenta in the bottle to turn out a cute pale pink but apparently that was my thought process. And then this happened…

Google is my only saviour in this situation. Real life people were no help. My Mum’s reaction was “Oh shit” whereas my gr8 friends took another angle with trying to console me by saying how “it’ll look great when it’s faded a bit”. Not only were my hands stained, but my neck, my ears, my floor, my bath and even a few splodges on my bed. It was like someone had killed a fairy and the evidence was surrounding me.

 After eight washes (one normal, two head and shoulders, three fairy liquids, another normal and finally some sort of fizzy shampoo and vitamin c tablet concoction that I read about online) I was still left with bubblegum ends and a peachy middle. 

I guess this is a quarter life crisis that I’m just gonna have to ride out. I’ll let u know how it is in other eight washes… If I haven’t broken down and cut it all off that is.