Darlia @ Electric Ballroom

When you’re drinking a can of four-for-a-fiver strongbow on the 18:17 train to Landan town, you know it’s going to be a great night. I was en route to see Darlia for the second time. 

The last time I saw Darlia they were playing in my hometown on Bedford to about 100 people and now they’re packing out a massive Camden venue with ten times the capacity. Taking to Twitter before the gig, I wrote my punniest tweet in reply to the guys…

Untitled 2

I resisted the urge to make any jokes about ‘losing it together’ etc. But it’s definitely safe to say they made my first time at Electric Ballroom electric. Singing up at the stage basically louder than the band about Aurora Borealis and wanting to be their pretty little dear diary. The room was buzzing with excitement and moisture was filling the air as I joined the 16 year olds in the mosh pit, pretty sure my hand grazed one of their sweaty nipples at some point (why he was topless, I don’t know). Gigs are where you’re at your most carefree…

With that in mind, it became extremely emotional on exiting the venue and being faced with the heartbreaking news of the events that happened simultaneously at a gig in Paris. As we were both enjoying live music, one were enjoying a gig how it should be and at another people were losing their lives. Such a horrific and upsetting event.


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